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Vacances d’été

Voici le 30 juin, l’année scolaire 19/20 finit, demain juillet commence et, avec lui, beaucoup de gens qui partiront en vacances, peut-être pas trop loin dû à la situation actuelle, mais juste pour pouvoir déconnecter, se reposer et changer d’air. Le département de français de cette école ne voulait pas partir sans vous recommander quelques...
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Podcasts to improve your English

Podcasts are a great way to improve your English, especially your oral skills. In today’s post we are going to recommend some of them that can be very useful. But let’s start from the beginning, what’s a podcast? The term podcast is obtained by mixing the words iPod and broadcast. It refers to a series...
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Pronunciation resources

One of our major concerns when speaking in English is showing our Spanish accent. In class, I always mention the importance of exaggerating, as if you were performing in a play. But the truth is that due to our phonological system there are several challenges that we need to face. Pronunciation studio has an article...
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How to travel on a budget

Has your plan for Easter been frustrated due to the lockdown? Are you looking forward to your next chance to travel? Travelling is essential to broaden our mind. It enables us to learn about new cultures, get first hand experiences of new places, try out foreign cusine and get away from our daily routine. As...
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